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Behind the Mask

Petie Parker is a fearless influencer with a passion for helping companies and individuals innovate the way they think and work. His diverse skill sets span across creative consulting, influencer marketing & multimedia design. His experience includes working with reputable businesses like Microsoft as an event manager and curator for their first in store and digital art experience. As Creative consultant for international artist @Paperfrank, Petie Parker project managed the biggest solo art exhibit in Atlanta history, “Pink Lemonade” the exhibit garnered over 4k in attendance on its opening day. As a social influencer, he has been featured on various media outlets such as NowThis Media and 11alive news for his unique ability to leverage and co-create with the foundations of fashion, art and technology bringing awareness to new and established. Petie Parker’s multifaceted abilities allow him to be an asset to any team that he joins and brand he endorses. His hand is on the pulse of current trends enabling his skills to remain relevant to the times.

Website Design/Dev

Going on 10 years as a professional Website Designer, PetieParker has had the pleasure of designing and developing various types of websites, for a variety of clients, on various platforms.